LUGNuts 75th Build Challenge

LUGNuts 75th Build Challenge

64th challenge, ‘Mad Motor Skills’: Harley Davidson by Bricksonwheels

65th challenge, ‘Toyota Tacoma Time’: Toyota Tacoma by Rolic

66th challenge, ‘Behind the iron curtain’: Fiat 125P Kombi by Raphy

67th challenge, ‘May the Force be with you’: Naboo carfighter by NKubate

68th challenge, ‘A Baker’s dozen’: Claas Harvester by Lego911

69th challenge, ‘Summer of 69’: Mustang GT350 by Aaden H

70th challenge, ‘Redo and redemption’: VW Dragbus by Lino M

71st challenge, ‘Super 70’s Sensation!’: Unimog by Nolnet

72nd challenge, ‘LUGNuts Sixth Anniversary ‘: Green Goblin truck by Rabidnovaracer

73th challenge, ‘Take it to the next level’: Brütal Legend Deuce by Proudlove

74th challenge, ‘Diorama-rama’: Hamm road roller by Mad physicist

75th challenge, ‘Freakin’ Balls-Out Sweet 75th LUGNuts Challenge Extravaganza!’: you?

If you ever wanted to build for a LUGNuts challenge, now would be the time to do it. This month is our Freakin’ Balls-Out Sweet LUGNuts 75th Challenge Extravaganza!. You ask for a random automotive assignment, someone else gives it to you, then you build accordingly. (Shampoo, rinse, then repeat.)

How are we enticing you to play along? Full frontal nudity? A stocking full of cole slaw? No…we’re giving away totally awesome LEGO prizes! Check them out:

1st Place: LEGO Technic Service Truck #42008- Power Functions, lots of green and enough tires to last a lifetime! (or two challenges, whichever comes first)

2nd Place: LEGO Technic Monster Truck #42005- A badass truck with like the biggest, awesome-est tires ever!

3rd Place: LEGO Technic Motocross Bike #42007 – Tires!

And to make this even more interesting, if you are the lucky LUGNuts member(s) to suggest the three winning entries, you will get:

1st Place Suggestion: LEGO set # 60020 City Cargo Truck – Plenty of action and that forklift alone is worth it!

2nd Place Suggestion: LEGO set #60025 City Grand Prix Truck- Can you smell the Octan racing excitement?!

3rd Place Suggestion:LEGO set #60002 City Fire Truck- It’s fire-tastic!

So join us for all the fun and you can win some awesome crap!

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