Good Beaches to Skimboard in Texas

Some people might not know but Texas has some great beaches especially for skimboarders. We’re going to go through some beaches that all skimboarders have to hit before they get too old and leave this world.

Corpus Christi/Padre Island National Seashore: This beach is located just off of Padre Island in South Texas. This beach is huge and long over 70 miles long and is a great place for skimboarders. It’s not very developed and has an enormous amount of nature. This beach is also a great place to go camping. This park also has some great dunes and sand. This place is also famous for windsurfing.

Galveston Island: This island is 27 miles long and more than 3 miles wide. This island used to be home the Native Americans. This island is also where the greatest American natural disaster ever recorded in history happened. 6,000 people lost their lives in 1900 due to a hurricane. There are a few beaches to skimboard on but mostly it’s a cool place to visit because of it’s history.

Mustang Island/Port Aransas: This island is just south east from Corpus Christi. This place has some very interesting landscapes and some great beaches for skimboarding. This island is 18 miles long and from the air it looks almost like a strip of bacon.

South Padre Island: This beach has been a popular vacation spot for many years due to a resort on the island and it’s nice beaches. South Padre is a barrier island which means that it’s a relatively narrow strip of sand that parallels the mainland coast.

For anyone living in Texas or the surrounding states you know how popular Corpus Christi is and how great the beaches down there can be. Skimboarding and summer are just around the corner.

Skimboarders, get your boards waxed up and ready to hit the waves, summer will be here before you know it.

Source by Jason B Fackrell