Flash Back to the 1960s With This Groovy Slang

The 1960s brought us hippies, the Civil Rights Movement, the British Invasion and so much more. The decade also brought us a whole new lingo that was used by everyone. Below is a small list of the slang used in the 1960s. Some are still commonly used today, while others are not and some are just clearly dated but we love them anyway.

Slang Still Commonly Used Today

Crash: to go to sleep or be worn out. “After protesting on Washington all day, I crashed on my couch.”

Dibs: to own or possess something. “I’ve got dibs on that tie dye shirt.”

Jinx, you owe me a soda: shouted out after two people say the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Old Lady: refers to your own or someone’s mother. “My old lady is in love with Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Peace Out: a way of saying goodbye. “I’m heading to San Francisco for the Summer of Love, peace out.”

Scarf: to eat quickly. “I’m so hungry, I’m going to scarf down a whole pie.”

Slang Still Used Today but Dated by the 1960s

Boogie: to leave. “This party is lame, let’s boogie.” It can also mean to dance. “I want to boogie down to Motown tonight.”

Dig: to understand. “Can you dig what I’m saying?”

Far Out: something that is cool and exciting. “Neil Armstrong landing on the moon is far out.”

Funky: something that is great and unique. “Sonny and Cher’s new song is funky.” It can also mean something is rotten. “Your flip flops smell funky.”

Groovy: also means something is cool or great. “Elvis Presley is a groovy guy.”

Hang Loose: to relax. “Let’s hang loose at your old lady’s pad tonight.”

Slang Not Commonly Used Today

Blitzed: to be drunk. “I got blitzed at Woodstock this summer.”

Dude: a nerd or geek, different than how we use it today. “That dude from math class lost his pocket protector.”

Gas: to have fun. “I had a real gas at the Beetles concert last night.”

Gutt Waddin’: fast food or a quick snack to fulfill your hunger. “Let’s grab some gutt waddin’ before we head to the drive-in theater.”

Hook: to steal. “He hooked that Mustang from his old man.”

Panty Waist: another term for a nerd or a mama’s boy. “That Panty Waist is too scared to see Psycho.”

Source by Julie Frank