Mr.Bean’s Mini on Steroids ★ Timelapse [Virtual Tuning] – Adry53


Hello People in this world!
today i present you Mr. Bean’s car, the mini coopah.. *trying my best for britesh accent.. aheemm
i know this is not a fresh thing to do, but i always wondered if i could engine swap the cooper with Honda RA300 V12
and rework the body just a little bit like Hill Climb..
I really love Hill climb/ time attack cars, they really looks badass.. dammit burnout revenge, you pushed me into this darn fetish..
if you like it why don’t put some comments down bellow and tell me what i should do next??

and here it is Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Bean’s Mini on steroid

Next coming a G-wiz

Thank you for watching & hopefully i’ll be able to post more videos like this in the future 🙂

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