Warning – Do Not Buy A Battery Powered Ride On Toy Without Reading This Article

Battery-powered vehicles provide a whole new dimension to traditional ride-on toys, and with the most life-like selection in vehicles, children are able to really play at imitating the adults around them!

A vast array of colours and styles are present in the battery-powered ride-on toy category. Suitable for both boys and girls, battery-powered vehicles are available with a 6V or 12V rechargeable battery and the only real difference between the two is in the number of speeds and the ground that the model is able to handle.

A wonderful entry level toy is the 6V Trimoto Racing Trike available in both blue with red and yellow as well as shades of pink and purple. Suitable for tiny tots from 18 months of age, this trike has a max speed of 2.5km/h as well as reverse. Another option for 18 month old riders is the Runner Quad available in pink or blue. Powered by a 6V battery the Quad has a single forward speed and one reverse.

A slightly larger 6V battery-powered ride-on trike suitable for children 3 years and up is the Patrol trike available in Police Patrol or Princess Patrol models. The Patrol trike comes with a single forward speed of 3 km/h and reverse.

The All Aboard 6V train and track set is a completely different type of battery-powered toy. Using the 22 track pieces a track can be laid, and the little train chugs along it. Complete with engine sounds and a horn, little engineers will also be pleased to know that an attached carriage has enough space for all of their favourite stuffed toys!

Who hasn’t wanted to drive a Ferrari F430, or perhaps an Alfa Romeo 8C? These luxury cars along with 6V Mini Coopers, Porsche Cayennes and BMW 335i’s are all available in the vast array of miniature battery-operated ride-on toys! Suitable for children from 3 years and up, these cars have a single forward speed and one reverse as well so that even tiny drivers can parallel park!

Battery-powered vehicles of 12V or more are generally suited to slightly older children 5 and onwards, and are also better on rough ground. This category includes the host of battery-powered tractors, jeeps and quads. Ride-on equipped with a 12V rechargeable battery generally have two speeds of approximately 2.2 and 5 mph, plus reverse. Not all 12V battery operated models are rough and tumble though, this category also includes the smart looking Vespa trike. The Vespa is slightly more unusual, as it includes a hand-grip accelerator like a real Vespa does, rather than the foot-pedal accelerators common in most versions.

The wide range of styles and models of kids electric ride ons available for children from 18 month through to over 10 years of age ensures that there really is a perfect toy for each child! It is important to remember several safety precautions when playing with these ride-ons. Children should always be supervised while playing battery-powered ride-ons, and under no circumstances should they be driven on roadways. They are strictly a backyard toy. Using common sense when playing with battery-powered ride-on toys will end in days spent having all sorts of wonderful adventures.

Source by David John Harper