How to Replace Your Ford Expedition Tail Light

The Ford Expedition is a full size SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) which was built by Ford Motor Company and introduced in the market in 1997 as a replacement to the earlier model – Ford Bronco. The Ford Expedition is Ford’s flagship SUV. The current third generation models of these vehicles are produced in Kentucky from its earlier base at Michigan.

The Ford Expedition, just like any other vehicles, need proper maintenance in order to realize its full capacity.

Some of the most important parts that need apposite care include the exterior and the rare lights of the vehicle. Ford Expedition is therefore no exception to this maintenance and care. Tail lights (Rear lights) of Ford Expedition are of outmost importance and every driver of the vehicle should make sure they function all properly all the time.

Replacing the tail lights in Ford Expedition is often regarded as a tasking job and many a times, people seek expertise assistance. However, this can be made simple by following the below simple guide. With practice, it is likely that one can become an expert in tail light replacement on all Ford Expedition vehicles.

The tail light is located in the same place of the vehicle rear, one just below the other in the Ford Expedition. The only tools required here are either a T – 20 torx or a 9/32 socket. The first step is to open the entire lift gate, not just the glass to expose the lamp assemblies. There, you will see two or even three Phillip screws holding the tail lamp/lens assembly in place. Unscrew them and set them aside.

Carefully pop the lens off and to the light. There are normally three “push ins” that hold the lens. It may feel like more bolts, but if you pull evenly and diagonally away from the vehicle, they will pop out just fine. There are normally two light bulbs in the assembly on all Ford Expedition.

The top one is the brake light/ turn signal bulb and the other one is the back-up bulb. Normally, there are two groups of wires once you get the light out. These wires are the light bubs and they come out by turning counter-clockwise and then pulling up on them. Get rid of all the remnants of the lens out.

Once the area is clean, pop in the bulb in the new lens and turns it clockwise to snap it into place. Secure the two screws which had been set aside. The Ford Expedition auto parts stores recommend a 4157LL rather than the Sylvania 4157K and this works out perfectly.

This process should take you at least ten minutes and you are ready to bring back your ford Expeditions to the road. It is always advisable to replace the tail lamps as soon as they get broken. This will of course avoid facing the wrath of law enforcers as well as for safety purposes. This process should therefore be considered easy to learn by every Ford Expeditions driver.

Source by Vibha Kumar