Putting New Tires on Your Fisher Price Power Wheels Vehicle

Changing the tires on a Power Wheels vehicle is fairly common. To find the tires that correctly fit your ride on vehicle use your diagram to find the number of the wheel.

Once you know what you are looking for, it is relatively easy to purchase them from any Power Wheels Dealer and then install them yourself. Always be careful to make sure that the wheels are the correct fit for the vehicle that you own.

Many people simply do not like the tires that come with most of the Power Wheels toys. The main environment that the vehicle is going to be used in should determine what kind of wheels to get. Obviously, if the vehicle is going to be used in a primarily grassy or sandy place, having a thick tooth traction pattern would be very helpful.

If you wish to upgrade the tires by putting larger tires on your vehicle follow these instructions. To change the tires lift the vehicle in such a way that suspends the vehicle so you can turn the wheels freely. Use a rachet to loosen the bolt holding the wheels. Take a wrench and separate the Power Wheels tires from the wheel base. Put the edge of the prying tool in between the rubber lip and wheel at the middle of the base, and gently pry it off. Repeat for all of the tires/wheels of the vehicle.

Set the old wheel base with the exterior side facing away from the wheel and resting in the middle of the body of the new larger wheels. Take an electric welder and put the edge of the welder at the point of connection where the lip of the old wheel base meets the body of the new wheel base. Weld all around the two wheels. Repeat for each wheel.

Place the new conjoined wheel onto the Power Wheels (interior side facing the Power Wheels). Tighten the restraining bolt on each wheel. You are now ready to use your Power Wheels vehicle.

Most vehicles include one-time-use cap nuts that keep the tires on the axles. These can be easily removed and do bend in the removal and cannot be replaced. So when purchasing new tires you should also purchase one cap nut for each tire. There is also a capnut tool which makes it so much easier to apply the cap nut onto the axle.

It is important to get the right size for your vehicle.

Source by Arlene Placer