2017 Ford Raptor – Baja Mode features. Don’t drive like this by the way!

2017 Ford Raptor - Baja Mode features

I am just back from Raptor Assault in Utah at the Ford Performance Driving School and I wanted to run some back roads in Baja Mode which I think most people really find to be the best mode. At the school I was able to visit with one of the engineers that worked on the truck and confirm that running Baja mode in 2 High is perfectly fine.
The truck will brake each wheel as needed and keep you from fish-tailing even when you try. Amazing engineering from Ford.
Most of this video I have my electrically-actuated exhaust dumps open and the truck sounds mean. Toward the end I close them and the sound change is evident. I have another video highlighting them and their installation if you are interested.

Before you troll me: Yes, it is stupid to drive 90 miles an hour on gravel…. but… this truck is the only one I would try it with. Also, I know there are some things done that might not be “by the book” but I am not trying to sell anything or promote a style of driving, etc… nor do I claim to be an expert on any of this stuff. Just a guy having fun with a bad-ass truck.