The V6 GeoTracker SLEEPER XL

The V6 GeoTracker SLEEPER XL .. Burnouts, Drifting, and Donuts for Days!

1994 Geo Tracker 4×4 (same as a Suzuki Sidekick) with a 183 hp 2003 XL7 2.7 liter V6 motor, 4-speed auto trans, open differentials with stock 4.63 gearing on 235/75/15 tires. This is what happens when I find a cheap wrecked 2003 XL-7 and I already had a 94 Tracker with a blown motor & bad trans lying around. BURNOUTS for days!
AFTERMARKET4X4 Sean DeVinney Suzuki insanity jump race flip it kill it drive it like you stole it! #suzukilife #aftermarket4x4 #burnout #donuts #drifting #slideways #geotracker #sidekick #suzuki #suzukisidekick