Ford and Lincoln Media Center Website Updates

Dear media colleagues,
I am pleased to share the news of an update to our Ford Media Center and Lincoln Media Center websites.  The look and functionality have been upgraded to create a more responsive, intuitive and seamless user experience  for both mobile and desktop devices.  After surveying many media users, we focused on improving the mobile device experience, creating a comprehensive search capability, enhancing accessibility to multimedia assets  and upgrading the functional performance. Now, all content available for desktop viewing also is available on your mobile device.

We expanded search capability to make it easier to browse for news by topic. Individual vehicle pages aggregate all news, multimedia assets, features and specifications onto one page. A comprehensive landing page also  provides search results showing news, people, media kits, photos, videos and more – all at a quick glance.  In addition, a multimedia “album” feature has been added to simply browse, select and download multiple images, including YouTube videos.  Other functional improvements include quick download icons, easy access to country pages, and the ability to register for email news alerts from multiple countries.

We encourage you to visit and familiarize yourself with the new functionality of our Ford Media Center and Lincoln Media Center websites.  We are committed to continuously improving the tools we provide to our media members, so your comments are important to us. You can email ( to ask questions and provide us your feedback.
Thanks for your time.
Mark Truby
Vice President, Communications
Ford Motor Company

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