1979 Dodge “Warlock II” Pickup Truck For Sale~Only 36,372 Miles~Original Paint Survivor!

1979 Dodge “Warlock II” Pickup Truck For Sale~Only 36,372 Miles~Original Paint Survivor!

1979 Dodge “Warlock II” Pickup Truck For Sale

The Dodge Warlock, originally a concept vehicle and part of Dodges late 1970s Adult Toys line, is a short-bed pickup truck that was produced only from 1977 to 1979. In 1979 it was available in 6 colors, the most iconic being Teal Green Sunfire.

The Warlock’s main draw is that it was a factory customized truck, also known as a Trick Truck and was designed to appeal to young pickup truck buyers. The Warlock had custom wheels, wide tires, bucket seats, a Utiline bed, and oak racks for the bed.

Factory optional equipment includes bucket seats, tinted glass, bright rear bumper, and power steering. All had black interiors accented by gold tape on the dash and the doors, and a Tuff steering wheel. Like the standard pickups, it has front disc brakes, and a standard slant six or a V-8.

The exterior is accented by gold pin-striping around the wheel wells and the body lines. The pin-striping continues inside onto the doors, dashboard, and instrument panel. “Warlock” is printed in gold on the tailgate. The 1979 model however is different in that it has Warlock II printed on the tailgate. Engines were the standard Slant six, the 318 with either the 2 barrel or 4 barrel carburetor, or the more powerful 360. (The 318 was the most common engine selected.) Notable is that the sister truck of the Warlock, the 1978 Dodge “Lil Red Express” (identical except for exhaust stacks), with the 360 engine (same as on this truck) was the fastest production vehicle built in America at the time, beating out both the Corvette and Trans Am.

This particular Warlock is exceptional because it is completely original down to its paint, interior, and drivetrain. It is loaded with factory options including power steering, power brakes, bucket seats, AM/FM radio, air conditioning, etc. She sports five (5) brand new period-correct Mickey Thompson OWL radials. Best of all, its low mileage of 36k is believed to be accurate (long term previous owners).

An important reason this truck has remained in such excellent original, rust-free condition (besides always being garaged) is that it was rust-proofed when new with a process that coats the interior of the sheet metal as well as the undercarriage and driveline. (The access plugs for applying this protective material are visible.)

Dodge’s idea of a “trick truck” is as appropriate today as it was back in the day, because the Warlock offers a rare combination of a classic car, a muscle car and a practical “use daily” work truck in one package. And a magnificent package it is.

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