Do-It-Yourself Car Wash and Detail Kits Online

There are so many businesses you can start online and there are endless buyers around the world to buy your products. Of course first you have to tell them, then you must compete for price, service, trustworthiness and quality online. Easier said than done. So, what would charge as an example for an online Carwash or Auto detailing kit?

Well first you must consider what you target market is? If your target market is to be the average car owner that washes and waxes their own car then your price point should be around the twenty dollar mark you see? If you charge too much they will not be interested, but if you do not charge enough they will not feel they got a good deal or value there.

So, if your target was the average Joe, you must keep the prices very low. But if you say your target is the Aviation, Boater, High End Car Market, well then that is entirely a different thing, sometimes for a real nice car wash, auto detailing kit which could be used for marine, aviation, show trucks or luxury and hobbyist car market segment then $ 85.00 to $ 90.00 might be more fair a price.

About 7 years ago my company The Detail Guys offered such car washing and automotive detailing or valeting kits online. Our kits were in the $ 19.99; Yellow or Blue Logo'ed bucket, sponge, synthetic chamois, LOC type soap category (Liquid Organic Cleaner-environmentally friendly). It was a lead in and we barely turned a profit on it, our goal was to make a little money of course; more importantly get more word-of-mouth and more customers online. Perhaps this article may propel thought in 2007 and help you in your online sales business? Good luck and God's Speed.

Source by Lance Winslow