Motivation for Running, Why Do I Run?

People often ask me, "Why do you run?" Apart from the obvious health benefits, I think this article describing my run today will show just some of the joys of running and how uplifting an experience it can be.

After meeting up with my good friend Jim, a fellow keen runner and athlete, we departed at a brisk pace to beat off the late afternoon chill. Given the fact that we have lived in the glorious Yorkshire Dales for nearly our entire lives, it is almost by right that we should only run off roads, it would almost feel sacrilegious not to run over the beautiful hills.

After 15 minutes of pain, graft and hard work, we reached the top of Beau Hill, hidden from cars, drivers and civilization, from the top of this small peak, you have views over to the glorious Lake District in the distance, behind you views encompassing the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. 15 minutes of effort to be able to witness such beauty is 15 minutes well spent.

Off we continued flying down the hill at break-neck speed back down into farmland only to be chased by somewhat ramant bolocks, this gives you one heck of an adrenaline rush as you stride for the next style while dodging and skipping through shin deep mud is something that you have to experience, to believe. The arrival at the style having the same relieving effect as a skydiver when his parachute finally opens, the realization of safety, the endorphins pump round your body.

Past the style after running through a couple of overgrown fields, dodging nettles, thistles and other 'evil' plants such as brambles, you encounter a stream, in true running fashion as all good runners would do, you plow straight through and being the ever optimist, look on the bright side that it'll have washed some of the mud of your shoes.

Before long, we have descended down into a small forest, as the light shines through the trees, putting small spotlights on the forest floor, twisting and turning we run through the forest with the chirps of wildlife all around, and a deer playing cheerfully over to our left hand side, you realize the beauty of this world. Ten minutes later, and we're back down onto the final stretch home, another run complete.

So, you ask why I run? The range of emotions that you can experience during one run, from fatigue and pain as you struggle up the first hill, to the awe and inspiration that you can take from the beautiful world that is around us, hidden from our day to day life, fear as you get chased by some rather boisterous bulls, to the endorphin rush of flying down the hills as your stride lengthens and your confidence increases. All this in a 40 minute period, I struggle to think of any other sport, activity or event where you can experience such a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences in such short space of time, while costing you absolutely nothing!

Running truly does not have its rewards, both physically and mentally. Go out today, go for a run, and experience something new and special without emptying your wallet!

Source by Victor Lensora