Shipping to Jordan

If a person is thinking about shipping household items, a vehicle, or other goods to Jordan, a professional and dependable cargo shipping company can help make your experience cargo shipping to Jordan straightforward and simple.

Bordered by Israel, the Dead Sea, Syria, East Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Jordan is a diverse country with a lot to offer. With many mountains and rolling hills, this country is comparable to the size of the State of Indiana and offers much to attract the adventurous travelers.

Before cargo shipping to Jordan, there is some important information that one should know in advance. If an individual is a citizen of Jordan, and returning to the country after having been away for a while, he or she may be able to ship personal items and household goods to Jordan, duty free. In order to do this, he may be required to present his passport with his national I.D. number and a cancelled residence permit abroad.

Keep in mind that an exemption from duty fees does not apply to the following: New items and items used less than 30%, musical instruments, office equipment, satellite equipment, CD’s, fax machines, some household appliances.

To show evidence of a terminated residency abroad, here are the following acceptable items:

  • Copy of a residential legalized lease contract or house ownership title in Jordan
  • Children’s registration forms in Jordanian schools
  • Endorsed new work contract
  • Letter of termination of employment or the resignation abroad

If he or she is moving overseas to Jordan, and is shipping new items to Jordan including new household goods and new personal items, this cargo will be subject to import duty fees in Jordan. These include: customs duties/taxes on HHG & PE are about 47% of CIF value; duties/taxes on electronics are also about 47% of the declared value of the goods.

When shipping or moving to Jordan, one can expect to need the following documents:

  • Inventory / Valued packing list
  • Copies of all pages of the consignee’s passport
  • Authorization letter to clear goods on behalf of consignee, notarized by local Jordanian Bank.
  • Residence and/or work permit in Jordan.

Prohibited Items when Cargo Shipping to Jordan: Some items are strictly prohibited from shipping to Jordan. Items that are not allowed to be shipped to Jordan include the following:

  • Arms, ammunition
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Pornographic literature, films and photographs
  • Passenger cars operating on diesel fuel

There are strict regulations on shipping or moving to Jordan with motor vehicles. Here is the following information regarding motor vehicle transportation into Jordan.

  • If the consignee is duty exempt (i.e. diplomat) then the car would be tax exempt as well
  • If the consignee is a taxed foreigner importing a car in his/her name, then the vehicle can be imported on a temporary entry basis for a period of up to 6 months with a renewal every 3 months, after the temporary period, the vehicle would have to leave the country or pay full customs duties
  • If the consignee is a returning Jordanian than he/she would have to pay customs duties in all cases, unless the same car was exported earlier from Jordan (with all customs duties paid) and is now being re-imported

When transporting pets to Jordan, the owner must be present with his or her birth certificate and provide the health and vaccination certificate for the pet.

There is a lot to consider as one prepares for international cargo shipping to Jordan, including the cost of international shipping.

Source by S Bodner