10 Ways To Save Car Fuel

With the rising price of gas here are some tips to reduce you fuel costs, all what needed is for you to try them out so you can see for yourself. Here goes:-

1. Pump up your tires and keep at the correct pressure. Under inflated tires can use up to an extra 7% fuel.

2. Check the wheel the wheel alignment as misalignment can cause increased rolling resistance of your car. Therefore increasing your fuel consumption and wearing out your tires quicker.

3. Remove anything from your car boot that you do not require. For example an extra 30 kg’s adds another 2% to fuel consumption.

4. Remove roof and bike racks etc if not in use as they cause air drag.

5. Fill up your car when you see the price for fuel reduced

6. Buy premium unleaded fuel only if will benefit the fuel economy of your car as it costs more to buy. Check your owner’s manual to see if your car does actually benefit by using premium fuel.

7. Service your car regularly. For example a clogged air filter can add 10% to your fuel consumption and so can binding brakes or a clogged exhaust system. Regular oil changes with the correct oil will also save fuel as clean oil has better lubricating properties causing less friction in your engine and transmission.

8. Driving smoothly, with as little sudden acceleration or braking as possible, this evens out fuel use and improves the efficiency of your car’s engine. If you change gears at the right

time and also do it without strong braking and accelerating, you will save up to about

45% of petrol on the same distances!

9. Shutting all the windows will make your car that bit more aerodynamic.

10. Turning down the Air Conditioning will save fuel as the car does not have to work as hard to maintain a lower temperature.

Source by Alex Home