How to Truly Protect the Paint on Your Vehicle

Is Hand Washing A Vehicle Enough To Protect The Exterior Paint? Is Going Through A Car Wash Better? Or Is It Best To Apply A Car Wax For Maximum Paint Protection?

No to all the above questions – maybe the surprising answers to these auto detailing inquiry.

Washing a car is absolutely necessary to help remove contaminants that deteriorate and oxidize the paint. The deterioration is even more significant if your vehicle is always parked outside. For not only is your vehicle exposed to the harsh elements of nature, but also to the harsh chemicals, tar and grime on the roads.

Whether you choose to hand wash your vehicle or go through an automated car wash, washing alone does not remove all the harmful contaminants. These contaminants are actually lodged into the pores of the paint and can not be removed by washing alone. If you run your hand across the surface of the vehicle after you washed it, any roughness you feel on the paint is contamination.

To really protect and extend the beauty of your vehicle, as well preserving its value, you must apply some form of protective coating. Many people are familiar with car waxing to make their vehicle shiny and protect against oxidation. Most people usually use the commonly known wax-based products, hence the term "waxing."

Although wax-based products certainly work, they do not bond to the surface and are easily washed off, once again leaving your paint unprotected. If you keep your vehicle covered when not in use, the best-case scenario for car wax longevity is 3 to 6 months under optimum conditions, temperature, etc. Realistically, whether you spend back-breaking hours waxing or paying a professional auto detailing shop, it usually washed off after the next wash, heavy rain, snowstorm, etc.

So unless you garage your vehicle or wax it after every wash, heavy rain or snowfall, your vehicle will not be protected effectively. Still it only makes sense that we should protect what is usually considered to be our second largest investment in life.

Now as surprising as it may seem, the best 'car wax' is not wax at all, but a quality paint sealant like Fire Glaze Auto Polish. It has been around for many years and used by car dealers and other professionals worldwide. Unlike wax-based products, it bonds to the surface of the paint and does not wash off, keeping your vehicle protected and looking clean longer. It can be easily applied by hand. Additional coats only intensifies the protection and beauty of your vehicle.

So to seriously protect your paint and maintain a deep wet high gloss mirror shine, you need to wash then use a paint sealant like Fire Glaze Auto Polish. By properly protecting your paint with Fire Glaze, not only will you save time and money, you will also ensure your vehicle will keep looking great while preserving its value for future sale or trade. In addition, you will help the environment by using fewer harsh detergents and conservation water. Fire Glaze is safe for all vehicles, very easy to use, guaranteed to protect for 3 years and will outlast any car wax. See for yourself!

Source by Chan I Maragh