Ferrari Marathon Reaches US

In celebrating the 60th anniversary of Ferrari, the renovated Italian sports car maker started a marathon relay around the world which will feature thousands of Ferrari owners carrying a relay baton made just for the anniversary. The marathon has reached the shores of the United States recently.

To carry the baton toward the next leg of the marathon, sixty Ferrari owners gathered at the Collection, Ferrari's authorized dealership in Miami. From there, the 60 Ferraris drive to the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The owners then drve their sports cars around the speedway in a ceremonial parade lap. The gathering of the six Ferrari car owners went to the speedway to participate in the opening of the 14th annual Ferrari Challenge.

The relay started in Abu Dhabi, and then sped through the Middle East then to China, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. After that, the relay found its way into the US After the relay pass through Miami, it will continue to on Brazil, and then off to Mexico. After the two countries, the relay will once again visit the United States and Canada passing through the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, New York and finally to Washington DC

After the US, the relay will then conquer major European countries before the baton arrives at the Ferrari factory located in Maranello, Italy and this is scheduled to happen on the 23rd of June. Through the marathon relay, more than 10,000 Ferrari owners would have participated. They will be the "bearers" of the relay baton, designed specifically for the 60th anniversary of the famous Prancing Horse.

The baton is the fruit of the labor of the company's different creative agencies. It is adorned by 60 badges which were chosen to commemorate the most extraordinary achievement of the Prancing Horse in its 60 years of existence. The relay baton is toped by a glittering platinum and diamond Prancing Horse created by Damiani. The 60 badges were the works of the Intesta e D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli and BBDO advertising agencies.

Other creative talents which have lent their flair to the relay baton are: Allessando Migliorini of Area Creativa, Marco Morosini, and Enzo Naso of the Eponymous Studio and Wolfgang Seidl of Seidldesign.

The marathon will showcase different Ferrari vehicles of all ages. This will certainly be appreciated by performance enthusiast and the general pubic who wants to have a look at different Ferrari cars which are known for high performance and high aesthetic value. The popularity of the Ferrari is evident in the cheering of the thousands of spectators present at the 14th Ferrari Challenge in Miami. This will also serve to further boost the popularity of the marque.

By the way things look, Ferrari is always looking for ways to appease the public. Even though just a small percentage of the global population will have a chance to drive a Ferrari, this event will make the public appreciate more the vehicles built by Ferrari over the years. It seems that even the strongest Chevy EBC brakes could not slow down the marathon from speeding around the world.

Aside from the marathon relay, Ferrari will also build a series of 60 unique Ferrari cars in the commemoration of their 60th year in the business. The cars will be based on the grand touring car of the marquee – the 612 Scaglietti. Two of these GT cars are being demonstrated at the ongoing 77th Geneva International Auto Show.

The colors of these cars will be taken from the same lifetime used on previous Ferrari models which have reached legendary status on the auto industry. These cars are so unique that they are already billed as collector's items and are aimed at the car maker's most dedicated clients.

Source by Mike Bartley