Transport Tips # 4: Accepting Car Delivery

  1. Accept delivery of your vehicle during the daylight hours so you can properly inspect for damages and photograph the car.
  2. Bring your copy of the pre-transport condition report and the photos you took during your auto transport preparations with you or get them to your representative.
  3. Check your vehicle's condition and inspect it carefully with the car transport service's representative for any damage that may have occurred in transit.
  4. Check for changes in mileage and check every part of your car including the roof and under your car.
  5. It's your responsibility to note any damages at the time of delivery and it can be difficult to prove later that the damages occurred during shipment if you overlook them.
  6. Take pictures for any damage present on the vehicle that did not exist when it left your possession.
  7. Make sure that all damages discovered are noted on the condition report and have the driver's signature before you accept the car.
  8. Contact your car transport company and try to work with them for verifiable damage done to your car.
  9. If you intend to file a claim for damages against your own insurance company, do so as soon as possible.
  10. If problems arerise, always try to resolve them amicably with the car transport service first.

Resolving Disputes

  1. If you believe that a car transporter has not appreciated you fairly, first try to work it out with the company. They often work on a referral basis and are motivated to work out problems.
  2. However, if you feel you have reached a dead end or that you have not been treated reasonably, you may consider the option of filing complaints with multiple agencies.
  3. Fill complain with The Better Business Bureau in the city in which the car transport company is listed.
  4. Fill complain with State and / or Federal Department of Transportation. However they will usually not get involved until after you have a court judgment against a car transport company.
  5. Seek legal counsel.

Source by Adrijus Rudaitis