Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 SLEEPER Dominates our pack, UNTIL…

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 SLEEPER Dominates thIs pack, UNTIL
the rest of the pack gets a little restless lol. The pack consisted of a Dodge Hellcat, Mustang GT350, Ferrari 458 spider, and a Dodge Viper. When they get on his things get a little interesting and they gave him a run for his money. This was one Truly Insane experince, but fun as all heck.

First I would like to say Thanks to Cars Across Texas, Sinclair Photo, Premium photography Texas for allowing to use some of their footage, and FoJays for letting me use his dope tracks.

In this “Hellcats and Mustangs and Vipers Oh My!” video we will see that the Mustang GT is a Mustang 350 sleeper with one killer nitrous setup that could take out any supercar. The Ferrari 450 spider was a beauty to roll with. and the little lady driving the freaking Dodge Viper was a badass BEAST behind the wheel. good GOD! She was working that manual. There were no Dodge Chargers on the cruse, but there should have been.

This is from the last RIDE N SHINE Car Show La Centerra at Cinco Ranch that I attended. For me the highlight of the event was the spirited drive to it. Truly an insane experience that I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: This is footage cutting room floor footage that I wasn’t planning to post. So easy with the dislikes and like.

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