The Sixties in NYC

You can get all my pictures in HD for free on my website, so check it out. Posted by KlausKniehase / KneeRabbit on 2011-12-03 10:26:58 Tagged: , Ford , […]

New Mustang Mods!

Finally got to update the look on the Mustang a little bit! Just to clarify, this is my fiance’s car. She bought it last July and wanted to make her […]

Conceiving Color

If you pose the question on the left to Barbara Sika and Daniela Milošević, their first response will be a knowing smile. The two designers develop paint colors for new […]

Research job

In years to come, 2019 will be talked about at Porsche with the same reverence as 1948. For while the company is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Porsche sports cars […]