Sport Compacts Are a Win-Win Situation

Sport Compact cars are definitely a “win win” situation. With gas prices rising and the economy falling, sport compacts are a great way to change with the times. Some of us don’t think to much about the car we drive except that it runs good. For those of us who like to drive a car that matches our personality; modifications and upgrades are a must.

There was a time when it might have been practical to drive a 1969 Dodge Challenger, and with a little bit of money and some elbow grease we could definitely express ourselves. Now the only place to find old American Muscle Cars is in a car show or garage. But now with the rise of the sport compact it is possible to build and own a hot rod without going broke. Here are some of the reasons the sport compact industry is growing by leaps and bounds,

1.Gas mileage

2.Purchase price

3.Modification options


As anyone who loves horsepower knows it comes with a cost, and with our belts tightening everyday, it is nice to be able to make it further than to work and back on a tank of gas. Next, muscle cars have always carried that high sticker price, especially compared to a Honda Civic! As far as finding parts, with all the attention the sport compact industry has received lately, performance parts and accessories have become surprisingly easy to find. Lastly, ever car manufacturer has put out at least one or two great choices for a sport compact build. So whether you are a Chevy lover, Mopar enthusiast or an import fan like Toyota or Honda you can find a price on a good gas mileage sporty little car to make your own.

Source by Chris M Labash