Loud Supercharger whine FosterSCMods screaming Boost whine mod 2016 Mustang GT

Want more whine? First ever! Twin Screw Supercharger rotor whine sound tube enhancer kit. AKA “SCREAMING BOOST” Works on Whipple, TVS, Roush, Ford Racing, VMS, Magnuson, Livernois Windstorm and Edelbrock E-Force superchargers for 2005-2017 Mustangs. 2010-2015 ZLI Camaro now supported. Make your Twin Screw Supercharger scream with my Whine mod kit. Call/Text Shawn @FosterSCmods.com 207 231-4112 email FosterSCMods@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @fostang6g I have 4 kits for the S550. I also supply everything needed to instal including full color pics and detailed installation manual.

Stage 1 adds about 25% increase in whine and connects to part of the stock sound tube which is cut at the firewall.

Stage 2 adds 50% increase in whine and doesn’t use any part of the stock sound tube. This one requires drilling a hole in the firewall between the pedals. The drilling is very easy and I supply the hole saw for it.

Stage 3 is both above and that adds 75% increase in whine for $150. Stage 1&2 are $110 ,shipping is $13.60 for all

Stage 4 adds 100% increase in whine and connects directly to the inlet pipe opposite the MAF housing. The other end connects to the firewall drilled hole like in stage 2. My custom sound tube connects the inlet to the firewall.
Stage 4 is $125 plus $13.60 shipping. All kits come with detailed install instructions. Hi, I’m shawn Foster of FosterSCMods.com and I’m all about making twin Screw Superchargers more fun to drive. I’ve been into muscle cars and Mustangs since 1994. Modifying, making them faster, more efficient, and more fun to drive has been my passion. I love the twin screw Superchargers and partial to Whipple’s as that’s what I currently have on my own 2015 GTPP Mustang. I’ve also had an exceptional and highly modified red 1992 LX coupe that I built up with a 363 CID forged Dart block to which I fabricated a custom (A2A) air to air intercooler system with a 2.8L H series Kenne Bell making 22 psi on the street. I love Muscle cars, Mustangs, making them faster, adding my own touch and most of all the people and personalities behind them.

My latest project is applying sound generator technology to enhance the rotor pulses and induction sound of twin Screw Supercharger (whine) inside the vehicle to the drivers ears. Newer vehicle have exceptional sound deadening qualities and the beloved whine scream of the twin Screw Supercharger often can not be heard inside the vehicle. I worked on this project for the past year and have perfected a way through sound tube generator technology to bring the natural whine, the actual sound of the rotor pulses into the cabin of the vehicle so the driver can hear the scream/whine of the twin screw Supercharger. The induction sound and whine is not always present with this modification, load on the motor and throttle blade angle dictate the volume and level of how loud the whine comes on. At casual cruising speeds theirs no increase in sound, but with light throttle a slight whistle whine can be heard, and at medium to heavy throttle application from 2500 rpm up whine comes on strong and builds to a scream at 6k rpm, every Twin Screw owners dream.