Mad Rat

This is my baby. ’66 coupe. I bought this off a guy that had bought it from two guys that were building her to race. But, as the story goes, they ran out of money and were going to just lether sit and rot. The guy I bought her from got a call from his dad to go rescue this beauty, so he did. He also did 90% of the restoration. He was going to university and his wife was a real estate agent when the bottom dropped out of the market back in ’09. She told him, finish it or sell it. He had neither the time or the money so he put her on CL. I snapped her up. She runs most amazing over 80. 😁😎

She has all high end racing components under the hood, which is nice, but I’m not racing her. Rebuilt 289 with less than 10k on the odom when I bought her. Original 3 speed tranny which is on my list to upgrade to a T5 when I find one. She will run like a charm with a 5 speed. Eldelbrock carb. She sounds badass, too.

Posted by phthaloblu on 2018-06-20 14:49:23

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