Washing Your Car – 4 Things You Should Avoid

There are a few secrets to washing your car that will not damage your paint. This article goes through 4 things that you should avoid when washing your car to prolong the life of your car paint's finish.

Do Not Wash the Car in Direct Sunlight

Sometimes the greatest mistake you can make when washing cars. Washing the cars on direct sunlight can have a dangerous effect on your paint. Each water droplet will act as a magnifying glass.

This produces little laser like beams that will create microscopic pits on your car paint. The end result is a premature chipping of car's paint especially in the front portion.

Do Not Use the Same Mitts for Upper and Lower Parts of the Car

If you use mitts then it is best to have two of them. One for the upper half of the car and one for the lower half is a good way to ensure that dirt on the lower portion will not contaminate the more visible upper part. A lot of cars have a line that runs through the level of the headlight that will help you distinguish from the lower or higher parts.

You can also look at the sides of your car when it is dirty. You will notice that from the bottom of the car up to a certain point will be abrasive. Or even contain grains of asphalt. Take great care that these grains do not make their way up to the upper half of the car. As they can cause deep and visible scratches on your car's finish.

Using two mitts or car washing towels can help you with this.

Do Not Allow Your Car to Dry in Air

Knowing you car to dry without your intervention can leave nasty water marks on your paint. This is caused by tap water with higher mineral content. They can be nasty and be very difficult to remove.

No doubt you have seen cars sprinkled with so much of these little white circles.

Do Not Forget to Wash Your Wheels

Wheels and tires are among the dirtiest part of your car. A lot of us neglect to wash them because they will get dirty again as soon as we drive. However if you leave them unwashed for a period of time they can be very difficult to remove.

They will accumulate into a greasy paste like layer on your wheels. This can take hours to scrub off. To avoid this wash your car's wheel regularly with the help of wheel detailing products like brushes.

If you learn to avoid the things mentioned above your car will reward you with a finish that will be shiny and free of damage for a long time. This might even help you earn a few dollars when it is time to sell your car. So make sure to take care of your car's finish by being well informed.

Source by M. Maxx