High Performance Car Exhaust Systems

Sometimes owning a state of the art expensive sports car just is not enough, especially when the owner simply wants to get the very best car car offer. For a passionate racing fan or simply a performance junkie, a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or an Aston Martin are far from being enough without those beautiful improvements that can be made so that every bit of power is squeezed from the engine.

And one of the first things to change if interested in the car's performance and efficiency factors is the stock exhaust system that the car is equipped with when you buy it.

The car's exhaust system basically deals with exhausting gases away from the engine (where controlled combustion takes place) by using an elaborate tubing system. Although there are different types of exhaust system line-ups, a typical one commonly includes:

-a cylinder head and exhaust manifold. The first is placed above the cylinders and directly affects performance by determining the volumetric efficiency and compression ratio of the engine (that influencing the engine's power). The later consists of cast steel units engaged in collecting exhaust from the multiple cylinders and passing it to the exhaust pipe. High performance headers are available for certain engines and their role consists in decreasing the flow resistance while increasing the volumetric efficiency, all which leads to a better power in the engine;

-a turbocharger that deals primarily with increasing the density of air that enters the engine thus improving the power ratio that engine can provide;

-a catalytic converter that is responsible for lowering the levels of air pollution a car produces by reducing the toxicity of emissions released by the engine;

-a muffler (also known as silencer especially in Europe) that deals with reducing the noise levels by resonating the sounds inside a set of tubes and chambers with holes until sounds basically cancel each other. Up to a certain point, you might say it works like a fine tuned music instrument but with reverse purpose: instead of creating, it eliminates sounds.

High performance car exhaust systems are specifically designed for a car model and they come as a replacement of the above-mentioned parts with improved ones.

Manufacturers such as Tubi , Capristo, or Larini come with an extensive offer for a very different range of sports car models including cars made by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and BMW.

Source by Matt DeLaco