800 Horsepower of MAYHEM – JD JoyrideTV 2008 Shelby GT500 Review

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With the 2019 Shelby GT500 being confirmed, sometimes it’s fun to revisit the oldies! JD JoyrideTV’s Shelby GT500 was a monster four years ago with it’s VMP gen 1 supercharger. After going to a whipple supercharger he decided to then go with VMP’s Gen 3 supercharger to make right around 800 wheel horsepower on pump gas! This car’s supercharger whine is intoxicating, loud, and the car pulls just as hard as a beefed up Dodge Hellcat and pretty close to feeling like a Dodge Demon of today. This Ford might have shown it’s age in it’s ten year old interior, but everywhere else it still has the Shelby GT500 charm of today.

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