Waiting For the New Chevy Camero

Finally a new Chevy Camero !!!

Its been a few years, but Camero buyers and lovers have something to look forward to. Chevrolet has brought back new Chevy Camero for 2010.

It is first available only as a coupe in base LS, mid level LT and V8-powered SS models, Edmunds claims that "this is without a doubt the best Camero to date." Does that not sound great? Apparently it borrows a lot of the 1969 Camero but to me that is actually a good thing. I apparently looks huskier and thicker in the rear.

The drivers area is mostly modern, with with some retro touches included in front of the gearshift. An RS package includes larger (20-inch) wheels, a rear spoiler, HID headlights and smoked taillights. According to Edmunds the LS and LT come packing 304 hp via a direct-injected, 3.6-liter V6.

It also has a six-speed manual transmission (six-speed automatic optional), disc brakes all around, an independent rear suspension (a Camero first) and 18-inch wheels. "

With a base price of around $ 23,000 even I would consider this entry-level Camero which would satisfy my need for performance but would not kill my budget. 0-to-60 in 6.0 seconds !! This is my Chevy Camero!

With an apparently finely balanced and tuned chassis and an independent rear end and quick, communicative steering this Chevy Camero and I will not even flinch as we travel down twisting roads. Off course I still need to buy one.

Anybody who does please enjoy the drive and I will be there with you vicariously enjoying the twists and turns and thoroughly enjoying the drive with you.

Source by Ruben Trevino