Hybrid Vehicles Available In The U.S.

The price of gasoline and fuel has been reported to increase once again. And this just after seeing the price of gasoline drop last month.

In the state of Illinois, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that the price of gasoline has increased by as much as 30 cents per gallon, while the average increase across the state is estimated to be 25 cents per gallon over the month of February. The increase in the price of gasoline saw it rise eight cents more than the price last year for the same month.

The dependency on foreign oil makes the country susceptible to these price increases in the price of gasoline. That is why car buyers are looking for new vehicles with a good fuel economy rating.

In the automotive industry, car manufacturers have developed a solution to the demand for fuel efficient cars. Hybrid vehicles are the answer of car manufacturers to the continued increase in the prices of gasoline. These vehicles are equipped with a small engine and an electric motor which generates additional power to help the engine.

Toyota has started the hybrid revolution in the United States and the popularity of the Prius, Toyota’s hybrid car, has spawned a lot of hybrid vehicles to be offered to American car buyers. Different car manufacturer now offer a wide range of hybrid vehicles for the fuel consumption conscious car buyer.

Toyota, which started the hybrid revolution, offers the Prius – the first hybrid in the U.S. Aside from the Prius, Toyota also offers two hybrid versions of their more popular models. They offer a hybrid version of the mid-size sedan Camry, and of the popular SUV Highlander.

Aside from the Toyota division manufacturing hybrid vehicles, the company’s luxury brand Lexus also offers hybrid vehicles. Lexus offers the G45h hybrid, the 600hL hybrid, and the RX 400h hybrid. Aside from Toyota, other Asian brands have also capitalized on the increased demand for clean and fuel efficient vehicles.

Honda is offering a hybrid version of the Accord in response to the Camry hybrid. Aside from the Honda Accord hybrid, Honda also offers a hybrid version of the compact sedan Civic and of the Honda Insight.

Meanwhile, Nissan, another Asian brand also offers a hybrid car in its lineup – the Nissan Altima hybrid complete with Nissan cargo liner.

While Asian brands have clearly taken control of the hybrid vehicle market in the U.S., domestic car manufacturers are also making their bid to satisfy the demands of American motorists for fuel efficient vehicles.

General Motors, for example, has four hybrid vehicles offered in the market. The GMC Sierra is one of the more popular models from GMC and General Motors saw that a hybrid version of the Sierra will be accepted warmly by the public.

Aside from the GMC Sierra, GM’s Chevrolet division also produced a Chevy Silverado Hybrid car for those who want the versatility of big vehicles without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency.

Another General Motors owned brand, Saturn, is also offering hybrid vehicles in its Green Line model lineup. The Saturn Vue is one of the models from Saturn with a hybrid version. The other hybrid vehicle from Saturn is the Aura Green Line hybrid vehicle.

Source by Ryan Thomas