Ford Crown Victoria: The Classic American Car

The Ford Motor Company is yet again behind one of the superb vehicles – the Ford Crown Victoria. This vehicle is a full-size car that had its history of production dating back to the 1950s, and relived again in the 1970s. It had quite mediocre sales in the general public's market, however, it gained much popularity along the ranks of those in uniform. This is a full-sized sedan, and is more often known as "Crown Vic". It is more known to be a top-of-the-line sedan among the Ford's creations. Its predecessor was the Ford LTD. And just like the Ford LTD, the Ford Crown Victoria is also commonly used as a taxi cab, fleet vehicle, and police car.

The very first of the Crown Victorias had its humble makings starting in the year 1955. It made its way down the streets as a two-door six-seater hardtop coupe. It differs from the regular Victoria model through its having a stainless steel band that 'crowned' the roofline, passing right over the car, as an extension of the B-pillar line.

People talking about a traditional American are more often than not talking about vehicles like the Ford Crown Victoria, or its twin the Mercury Grand Marquis. The Ford Crown Victoria is a large car with a V8 engine under the long hood and a body separate from its steel frame. Furthermore, it has wide bench seats, soft suspension, a reliably large trunk, and poor fuel economy. The police have likened the Ford Crown Victoria because the engine makes it fairly quick, along with its rear-wheel drive that provides predictable handling, the interior can handle and take in the officer and all the police gear, plus the simple mechanicals are durable. Overall, the vehicle is not expensive.

This vehicle has been made available in three trim levels which enterprises of the Standard, the LX, and the LX Sport. The Standard is plain, which is what most fleets like. The mid-line LX has alloy wheels, making it exude the look of more like a civil machine. The LX Sport has slightly larger alloy wheels. Ordering it in dark red, gray, black, or silver birch means that it comes with a color-matched monochrome trim. The black LX Sport looks a lot like an unmarked police car.

As for the Ford Crown Victoria's interior, it is currently one of the few remaining cars that are sold in the US that still offer a bench front seat. The seats are soft, however for longer drives, it could get uncomfortable for passengers since it lacks support. The controls found inside this vehicle are fairly simple and straightforward.

Although the Ford Crown Victoria has squishy seats, a mushy handling, and modest V8 engines, these are overpowered by the vehicle's huge trunk. Also, one plus for this is that because it is often mistaken for a cop car, the Ford Crown Victoria receives respect when on the road. And, this vehicle is certainly a full-size, rear-drive Americana.

Source by Jay Stevens