Formula 1 – Drivers Title Vs Constructors Championship

Formula 1 last race of the season was the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo this past weekend and as last year, the battle scene for the two titles was at play: the driver's title and constructor's championship.
In the 2007 season, McLaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen were on a constant encounter throughout the season. This 2008, Lewis Hamilton was still the man aiming for victory, but Ferraris new superstar Felipe Massa wanted to make history and take sovereignty over both titles. Hamilton had a seven point lead on the table on his favor over Massa and the stats certainly given him the title at first hand. A fifth position or better was the goal for the McLaren team, leaving aside how well Massa could do.

Lewis Hamilton started the Brazilian Grand Prix focusing on a two aspects; avoiding mistakes and staying on the top 5 the entire race. Nature once again played an important role on the contest, the 50% chance of rain left no doubt this title was going to be for the best driver under extreme conditions. Hamilton proved on the last lap he is not only the youngest champion in Formula One history, but his driving skills under a track with poor visibility, proved he has what it takes to overcome adversities.

Felipe Massa did exactly what he predicted before the chase and focused to stay on the lead the entire race. The Brazilian driver left tears on the 70 thousand fans that supported him non-stop the entire competition, but unfortunately even though he won; the point difference paid the bill on Hamilton's favor.

The driver's title is given to the best pilot with superlative driving skills; this means a driver must finish the race avoiding errors such as accidents, being able to stay in position while the pace car is on the track, willing to sacrifice ego and most of all become pressures best friend. Lewis Hamilton put all of these conditions in order and was able to complete the toughest race of his life.

Aside from the driver's title, the controversial stirred up after the race as many stated the constructor's championship was what really counted at the end. Now, engine combinations are considered to be the constructors' purposes of the Championship, so basically they are calculated by totaling points scored in each race by any driver for that manufacturer. This statement put an end to the debate, as it is the driver and his skills the ones who set the constructors on the map.

Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa have undergone a very long voyage full with personal sacrifices. Both drivers seemed to be blessed with great driving control, decision and fortune. Bottom line here is both pilots are awesome drivers and their teams have built the ultimate racing jets, so there is no debate if one won the drivers title and the other one the constructors championship; they can wake up tomorrow knowing they left a glorious print in one of the worlds most extreme sports, The Formula One.

Source by Cindy Ferguson