New Styles Coming Up For The Toyota Corolla

Those people and car aficionados who do adore the Toyota Corolla are sure waiting as per what kind of changes and what kind of features would this exemplary and very popular car bring about come the 2007 model year. Well, the wait is soon to come to a close for one of the announcement straight right out of the mouths of the aftermarket auto body parts for Toyota Solara creator is that they would be bringing in not just one new Toyota Corolla version but two new versions for the Toyota Corolla.

In the Australian auto market, these two new Toyota Corolla models are going to be sent out. In fact, Australia has already considered this vehicle model to be actually their very favorite small car. And with the changes that the vehicle would be holding for the 2007 model year, most people are quite interested on how it will look and how the change would actually affect the vehicle's performance in sales and in the business.

The Toyota Corolla would be coming as a hatch vehicle. This has been done so as to be able to bring about a new kind of rounded and even funky approach to the whole deal. It did take a lot of maneuvering and redesigning the Toyota Corolla parts that would go with the vehicle but the company sure did agree that everything was worth it. According to some who have seen the new Toyota Corolla hatch unit, the vehicle now actually holds more elegance and even smoother angles.

Some have said that to actually differentiate the two new vehicles from each other, one would have to compare their noses. Yes, the noses of the vehicles. It is the unique noses of those two new units that set each one apart from each other. And this kind of move looks to have been perfected by Toyota. In fact, if you would remember, this has also been the case with the Toyota Yaris compact vehicle which also had another "sibling" which is the Toyota Echo.

The Australian arm of the company does say that they are really confident that such drastic changes to the popular Toyota Corolla would bring about a whole good deal of income for the company. Even Dave Buttner who works as the chief of Toyota Australia's sales and marketing said: "There will be a family resemblance, but they are pretty 'unique'."

If you were able to attend the Paris Motor Show which took place last month, you would have been able to see the Toyota Corolla hatch version there. The only difference was that, during that time, the vehicle was still shown off as the Toyota Auris concept vehicle. So you can now dig up the photos of that event and see for yourself how the new Toyota Corolla would actually look like.

Source by Mark Clarkson