Dodge Sprinter is Not Just a Delivery Van

Although you may have heard that the Dodge Sprinter is a commercial vehicle, more suitable for hauling goods than people, it also has the potential to have the perfect family van, or even a charter bus. Think beyond storage space to rows of comfortable seating for your children, your children's friends, your pets, passengers-even the whole soccer team! Its large size, coupled with a slew of available add-ons and options, can make the Dodge Sprinter an ideal car for your lifestyle or business.

It may look large and imposing, but the handling is surprisingly agile, making it drive more like a smaller car, gliding around corners with grace. A standard telescoping and tilt steering wheel adds to the driving ease. The amount of space might even appear excessive to some, but why complain about the extra legroom? The roomy car remains fuel economic despite its size. Its five cylinder diesel engine with 156 horsepower, powered by direct fuel injection, makes the Sprinter an efficient vehicle for family use. With 28mpg at 55mph, you're better off than you would be driving any other diesel fueled cargo van. For the passenger model, you also have the option of getting a gasoline powered engine.

Bigger can be better when safety is involved, the Dodge Sprinter comes equipped with antilock brakes, dual airbags, stability control, and an emergency window. And because it handles so well, you can feel safe driving such a large vehicle.

The biggest draw of the Dodge Sprinter is its ability to adapt to your individual needs. Sure, it works great to haul deliveries or equipment, but with its 10 removable seats, huge cargo area, and powerful towing capacity-it can be put to work for almost anything. It contains a high-level of style and comfort, but it can become an amazing utilitarian vehicle. With all of the extra room, you could not only take your entire family, dog included, and your barbecue down to the beach, but you could camp out in it as well. It is a car made to be customized. Extended roof heights, vehicle length (your choice of 233 inches or 273 inches) and wheel wells make it possible for this van to suit almost anyone's specific needs.

The Sprinter can also be an innovative and attractive charter bus. Imagine driving your passengers in style and comfort, with plenty of room for their luggage. Its size also makes it an ideal vehicle for more intimate tours. It is one of the few vans that come standard standard equipped with climate control, so patrons will be guaranteed a comfortable ride.

So, if you're tired of tight minivans, a lack of storage space, and the unwieldy steering of larger autos, a Dodge Sprinter is a great option for you and your family. You can transform it into the perfect vehicle for all your needs, whether for a family outing or transporting tourists to the airport. You'll never run out of space or find yourself having to make two trips again.

Source by Andrew Stratton