Do not Think You Could Ever Be Tricked by a Scammer, Read This Tale of a Real Life Conwoman

There once was a woman who thought she was an heiress to the Ford Motor Company. She went through Las Vegas scheming and taking all she could from unsuspecting victims. She will now have to pay back all of the money she stub once she is released from a Las Vegas jail cell.

Some say it's around $ 100,000 and some say it's around $ 50,000. One thing is for certain, she will have to pay back $ 80,000 to her victims according to a court order. $ 40,000 dollars will go to an owner of a flower shop in downtown Las Vegas. She was one of the victims of Juanita Granger, who posed as the Ford Motor Company heiress. According to the flower shop owner, Granger is quite a pro at lying and swindling her way into tricking innocent people into opening up their hearts and wallets. The scammer has been doing this since the 1980's according to the flower shop owner.

It turns out she'll have to pay two more people back at least. In Oklahoma, Granger is considered a fugitive and investigators say during a real estate deal, she posed as part of a wealthy family known for owning a daily newspaper. You would think that was enough but there's more to this sordid story. Granger promised a man a $ 40,000 truck. She would get it for him if he cave her $ 12,000 for it. Granger took his money but the guy never got his truck. The judge wants her to repay him as well.

Use this story as a reminder this Christmas season to be very careful when you're out and about. Do not believe everything a stranger may tell you. It's sad in a way to say this, but it is true. People are oftentimes not what they seem. Do not tell personal information to strangers and always be aware of your surroundings. Lock your car doors when you're parked outside of a retail store. Use common sense and you'll be safe. Just do not get buffaloed!

Source by Jeffery S. Miller