The Colnago Bike Experience

Colnago bikes always have the reputation of designing and constructing stiff bikes with extremely high road holding capabilities. There line of bike frames, gears and accessories sought to remain at the fore front of bike technology. With its affiliation with Ferrari, they developed carbon fiber frames and were installed to their flagship bikes which are the C-50 and C-40. Colnago is without a doubt one of the most in demand bike brands in the world. Any biker would really love to have one for the road.

Made from the best composite materials, Colnago carbon fiber bicycles are proven to have the best frame out of all other brands of bicycles with two legends, Ernesto Colnago and Enzo Ferrari working behind its development all throughout the years. The Colnago frame is constructed using high modulus carbon fiber tubes and compression molded lugs from ATR Composites. If you compare old versions of Colnago to its current line of carbon fiber bikes, the increased strength of the materials are remarkable. Using the new set up allows less tube overlap within the lugs. This allows Colnago to use shorter lugs and thinner-walled tubes throughout, resulting in a light yet torsionally stiff race bike.

Colnago’s Head Set system (C-HS) is one innovation the company give full attention concerning safety. The bike’s head tube has an aluminum sleeve where the bearing are inserted to increase the functionality and protection of the carbon in the head tube. By employing a tapered fork and the C-HS1, the front of the EPS increased by 20% giving riders a more precise handling. Also, the geometry and the carbon lay-up guarantee a superior level of handling, power transfer and comfort.

Colnago bikes utilizes HP chain stays with diamond-shaped cutout for the purpose of retaining structural stiffness while absorbing riding vibrations. Test rides proved that Colnago’s highly engineered bikes are very compliant, yet there are watts of instant acceleration on tap through the crank, bottom bracket and stays. Its EPS carbon for and seat post are specially developed to improve bike handling by having a very stable front and maximum shock absorption.

Colnago bikes has a great light frame and comes with flash forks and a steel steer. When riding it feels like it just wants to go fast. The paint job is perfect, even with it being used. You can never go wrong with the Ferrari of bike frames. It also offers different types of bikes for different kinds of activities. The company has a wide array of carbon framed bicycles perfect for triathlons, cyclocross and other activities.

Source by Gid Anderson