Hotels in Las Vegas That One Can Rent Weekly When You Are Low On Cash But Want To Get Out Of Dodge

Had it with the town or city you are living in back east or in the Midwest? Do not have a lot of cash but have the spirit of a bird and you want to fly? There are many hotels that one can rent weekly without having to pay a security deposit, credit check and proof of income. If you have the cash – just move in. From downtown near the Fremont Experience, Central near the University of Nevada – (UNLV), Henderson, North Vegas near Nellis Air Force base and many places in between.

The hotels run from $ 110 to $ 250 a week for the more luxurious ones. Most include local phone service, cable or satellite television, full kitchens with full size refrigerator and stove. When the weather is nice which is most of the year you can take a dip in the pool after a long day's or night's work. Las Vegas offers many advantages if you do not have a lot of money such as no state income tax, inexpensive transportation that runs 24 hours and shopping and entertainment that is around the clock. You will also find many of the weekly hotels resemble studios or apartments and some are located just off The Strip just east of the fame street with all major hotels and casinos. Do not have a job yet? No worries – Las Vegas has more than just casinos and hotels.

There are many retail jobs, sales jobs that pay weekly in fact some will give you a paycheck that first week you work without having to wait the following week or two. Give this town a chance as long as you work hard, save some money, gamble responsibly and enjoy yourself and before you know it you will live in one of the nice new homes with a swimming pool in a gated community as Las Vegas has one of the worst if not worst pre-foreclosure and foreclosure rates in the country.

Source by Rolf Baum