Fueling Your Car With Water – A Real Solution

With today's gas prices hitting $ 4.00 a gallon one way you can get increased gas mileage is with a Water to Hydrogen gas converter. Lets take a look at how this works in everyday vehicles like yours and mine.

The converter uses a small electrical current from your car's battery to release Oxygen and Hydrogen from Water. This is called HHO, 2 parts Hydrogen 1 part Oxygen, and is sent by a vacuum tube to mix with your vehicles fuel / air mixture.

The converter kit is very easy to install and inexpensive to assemble, averaging about the cost of two tanks of gas. Once you have it installed it basically makes your vehicle a Hybrid Car. With the price of manufactured Hybrid vehicles costing as much as top of the line vehicles these converter kits are the way to go for anyone wanting to save money at the gas pumps.

Together increased gas mileage from 30% to 50% you will also benefit with a quitaire, smoother ride with a lot more power. The HHO gas also is a clean burning fuel so will help to reduce the toxic emissions from your vehicle.

Also be sure and do regular tune ups on your car. Check and change the spark plugs which are said to be one of the major causes of reduced gas mileage. You will notice with the HHO gas running through your vehicle that carbon deposits from normal fuel is reduced which will actually keep your plugs plugs cleaner longer and reduce wear on your vehicles engine.

Source by John P Cooper