One of The Main Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart

I had the privilege to try out a BMW M5 at a BMW dealership. It is one of the most refined race cars that is ever built. The interior is all leather, the V8 engine produces 398 horse power, navigation system, and wow, you gotta try it yourself.

Enough said about the BMW M5, no matter how good the car is, or what ever the brand is, it can be Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, or even Bentley. If you do not take care of them, they will ever breakdown. It costs at least $ 500 to $ 700 to change the oil in the Ferrari Enzo and $ 27,000 to change the break rotors.

What's the point of telling me all those stuff, well a good relationship costs something! It has the price to pay, if you want a good relationship to last, you must be willing to pay the price. You must be willing to nurture it and take care of it! Otherwise, like the exotic cars, if you do not take care of them, they will ever break and gone!

Let's talk about respect for a while, "Anything you do not respect, it will run away from you!" Try not to respect your girlfriend or boyfriend, ever he / she will run away from you. Respect is so important, if you have a nice & fast car, you gotta have some respect for the horsepower and speed. If you do not have respect for the power of the car, speed can kill you. So "Respecting your friends, spouses, and boyfriend / girlfriends" is so important!

You gotta change oil in your car and do regular maintenance. The same thing with relationship, at least give your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift once in a while, not once a year! Give him / her complete on how special they are to you.

Remember "What you do not respect, it will flee away from you"

Source by Entjik Jeffrie