Would You Perform Autofellatio If You Could?

Asking a man if he would perform autofellatio, if he could, would be akin to asking a man if he would rather drive a Ferrari instead of a Yugo, if he had either option available to him.

Of course, some men would prefer the keys to the Yugo, no matter what other car was in front of him; with its keys in the ignition and the engine ravenously idling like a volcano ready to explode.

However, most men would be curious to take the Ferrari out for a spin. At least one spin around town; just to see how she performed… Hey, why not? There’s nothing wrong with that… Let’s see what she can do.

After his spin, would the man gladly hand over the keys to the Ferrari and be content with driving a Yugo for the rest of his days?

All else being equal (repair bills, insurance, that sort of thing), I doubt it.

So, then, again, what if a man could perform autofellatio? Would he be content with his old self-stimulatory ways or would he find himself indulging in this more exotic and expansive form of personal pleasure, excitement, and exploratory infiniteness?

Here’s what I would do: I’d work out a deal where I could pull the engine, transmission, and suspension from the Ferrari and put it in the Yugo.

Then I’d drive the Yugo.

That’s how the autofellationist thinks.

Now what do you think? Would you perform autofellatio (men) or autocunnilingus (women) if you could? Chances are the answer would be yes. Many men and women are interested in exploring their own sexuality in such ways. It’s not really that much different than conventional masturbation, really; except that such sexual acts take on a more intimate level, as the mouth is used as a stimulatory device instead of the fingers or an external device.

How many women have tasted their own sexual fluids? How man men? How many women have sucked on their own nipples? How many men have tried? I would imagine that just about every man and woman who has ever lived… Of course, we don’t have statistics to prove that, but it makes sense. These examples use “oral” methods for exploring self-taste and self-pleasure. They are no different than performing oral sex on oneself.

People are curious about themselves and about sexuality. One way of learning about such things is through self-sexual exploration. The more we can learn about our own sexuality, how we respond sexually, and what we enjoy most about our sexual triggers, will help us, not only to be able to enjoy and appreciate sex to a greater degree, but to also give us the chance for us to better please our partners.

Kimi Kalfino

Source by Kimi Kalfino