Automotive Repairs – Manual Tips and Guides

Car technology systems become more complex each year. Computer devices become more advanced and many new systems, such as intelligent cruise control and lane change warning devices, integrated into the engine more lean and efficient. Motorists should be more careful in doing repairs on their own cars. Because if there is one it will change the impact of other components and the problem is the cost of an expensive mechanical and bias reaches $ 80 per hour that triggered in fear for the rider. Make improvements alone will cost much less than those who do simple repairs.

You can potentially save a bundle, with a little time, patience and hard work. I will explain the three-biased automated repairs done by your own at home.

1. Replacing a bad fuse

Over time, the fuse will be bad and needs replacing. Many electrical systems in your vehicle managed by the fuse. To solve electrical problems many drivers who bring vehicles to a mechanic. Mechanic will do the test and will usually cost a pretty expensive to just replace the fuse that exploded into a problem. You can replace it yourself by using tweezers and costs much cheaper.

Replacing a bad spark plug

Although during the last decades the complexity of the car increases, the gas engine 4-stroke internal combustion process remains the same. Important process of the part it is the spark plug. Bad spark plug can cause your machine failure and dramatically reduce the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.
If you have a gapping, socket, and ratchet you can change your own spark plugs in the house with a cost saving up to $ 80 for the mechanic. By buying their own spark plugs and cheaper costs.

3. Changing the fuel filter

This repair work is the most labor-intensive of the three ways. You can complete this work within one hour by using a few keys, cloth lapa, jack, and a pan to catch fuel. With do it yourself you will only cost you $ 20 to purchase filter itself den save a lot of money for a mechanic.

Some important steps to take reasonable precautions and ensure your safety, because you are working with gasoline. Take off your car battery to prevent fire and do not forget to wear gloves. Finally, make sure you use jack to lift vehicle are sturdy and strong.

Source by Ardi Setiadi