Ford Ranger Misfire Fuel Injectors

Ford Ranger Misfire Fuel Injectors . This 1999 Ford ranger 3.0 V6 came to me with one dead cylinder misfire. Checked for spark on this ford ranger . Then checked Compression on this ford ranger 3.0 V6 . Reset the cam sensor because it was loose and able to turn on its own . Cam sensor turned , may be part of what caused the ford ranger to think it had a misfire on number 3 cylinder when it was number 2 cylinder misfiring. Put a new set of fuel injectors in the ford ranger 3.0 v6, after ohms testing the fuel injectors. Spark plugs , tightened the clamps on the air intake and it seemed to run pretty good after that . 02 sensor seemed to be ok after the fix and the loose wire only ran the temp gauge in dash.
wtbm123 car repair. bad fuel injector.