How to Make Your Woman Climax – As Fast As a Ferrari on an F1 Circuit

Surprisingly few guys pay enough attention to pleasing their woman in bed. Few actually realize the importance of a guy's actions that are required to make a woman have an orgasm. It's not likely to happen under normal circumstances without making any effort. The responsibility is entirely ours to make her have an amazing climax and you can never have too many skills and techniques that drive her crazy.

Some women orgasm more easily than others while others may be much more demanding. Nonetheless, any woman is capable of having an orgasm provided you find the right way to do it. You can make just about any women orgasm within a minute if you use the right methods and you know exactly what arouses her most of all. If you follow the tips below, I can guarantee you that you will be able to make any woman orgasm – as quickly as Michael Schumacher on an F1 race circuit!

How To Make Your Woman Climax – As Fast As A Ferrari On An F1 Circuit

Tip # 1: "Foreplay Rules". The importance of foreplay should never be underestimated and indeed many women like this more than the main sex act itself.

Do not rush yourself and don't be afraid to talk dirty to her as well. Undress her slowly and erotically, while being patient. Don't forget, you have the whole night! Women absolutely love it when you are verbal in sex as well. Whispering in her ear how turned on you are by her will be sure to arouse her very much.

What's more, you shouldn't stop there. Be intimate with her and tell her how good she tastes, make her blush and she will quickly start to get very excited.

Tip # 2: "Hit The Right Spot". You need to find her most sensitive spots, and, contrary to popular belief, this is not limited to the most obvious places.

Find the areas of her body which really turn her on when you kiss and fondle them. Every woman is different in this respect. Touch her tenderly and don't be afraid to explore her body more.

Source by Derek Rake