Did They Actually Make A 2007 Camaro?

There were rumors floating around about GM making a new 2007 Camaro, but were they true? Camaro fans everywhere were outraged when GM basically stopped the production of the Camaro in 2002. Camaro collectors and fans alike have been eagerly awaiting any word on when and where there may be the new version of their favorite car, well there was.

North American International Auto Show

This is where GM chose to unveil their new baby, the 2007 Camaro. Now the version they showed was a mere concept version and not the final production line version so to say. The new concept have been showed at various other locations and is said to be a relief to those who love what the Camaro has become. It is said that the concept still remains with the whole muscle car imagine, with the 6.0 liter LS2 V-8 engine. This engine is said to put out up to 400HP, and the car is said to use the cylinder deactivation technology which increases the fuel efficiency, Chevrolet estimated that the car should get about 30 miles to the gallon on the highways.

So when can I buy one?

Whoa, slow down there, the new Camaro that was shown in 2007 is still just a concept and is not available for sale. The car is still in the works and said to not be manufactured until 2008 or 2009 at the latest. It seems like GM just wanted to let the public know that they were not dead and gone, and made plans on making a come back against their competition, the new Mustang.

So is there anything else cool about the new design?

Well of course there is, the new 2007 Camaro design is packed full of changes and flashy things to keep you entertained for hours. As far as suspension goes, a four wheel suspension takes care of that. Along with the new MacPherson struts and various other new suspension parts the car seems vary similar to the Australian built Zeta. The Camaro has 21 inch wheels, which contain four poston calipers which grab hold of 14 inch vented disc brakes. Along the front including the grille it is said that the new Camaro greatly resembles the 1969 Camaro, and the response to this was that that's how they wanted it to be.

Source by Renee Flowers