A Summary of Key Budget Saving Car Care DIY Activities

Do It Yourself and Save

If there is one fact that is true for all types of vehicles, regardless of make, model or year, it is that they require a significant amount of yearly maintenance. This yearly maintenance can require significant investment if done by dealers or garages, resulting in additional financial burden for consumers. That being the case, there are some vehicle maintenance activities that can be done by the owners at a reduced cost. For instance, recreational vehicle detailing and vehicle repair are areas in which the owner of a vehicle can save money by performing these tasks themselves.

Looking at recreational vehicle detailing, the owner of a vehicle could greatly reduce their yearly expenditure on vehicle maintenance through performing the following activities themselves: car cleaning and car polishing. When performing a car cleaning, there are several tasks that can be completed by the owner, such as the exterior washing of the vehicle. Car washing in this sense can become an expensive venture when done on the regular basis generally suggested; therefore it presents a savings opportunity to any owner willing to spend a beautiful hour outside on a warm summer's day cleaning their car. In regards to car cleaning, one must not forget the inside of the vehicle.

Cleaning the car interior can also present cost challenges, as the car wash loves to charge a premium for such services. An owner could be better off using the vacuum cleaner they have at home, and over the counter dusting and window cleaning agents to clean their car interior. Another cleaning task that can be taken on by the owner is car polishing. Car polishing can be an expensive add-on at the car wash, but when done yourself, substantial savings can be achieved. In both instances, car cleaning and car polishing, purchasing the required supplies up front may seem like a burden, however their cost per use is actually much less than that of regular trips to the car wash.

Further, activities such as car scratch repair, car dent repair, as well as tire and oil changes can represent opportunities for a do it yourself oriented car owner to save money. Car scratch and dent repair can be an easy activity for any owner as all of the required tools are readily available over the counter at many retail chains. Obviously, one should not attempt to repair major damage done to a vehicle; however minor dents and scratches should be no challenge. Tire maintenance in the form of pressure management and changes is another area of ​​potential car maintenance savings. Auto body shops charge premiums for rotating, changing or replacing tires on a vehicle; however an owner could perform all of these activities themselves at a fraction of the cost.

Essentially, there are many opportunities for a hands-on car owner to manage their car maintenance budget; one just needs to be alert to the opportunities.

Source by Dontel Montelbaun