Used Ferrari – The Perfect 'Track Day' Car

As the car expert amongst my friends there is always one question that gets asked more than any other; if you can only travel at a maximum of 70MPH on the roads of great Britain, why do car manufacturers keep engineering cars that can flagrantly beat this speed limit with little or no effort? In other words, what is the point in fast and powerful cars when they are never going to be put to the test?

I have developed the definitive answer to this question. Normally I invite person who asks the question to the regular track days held at race circuits up and down the country. At these events anybody can bring their car from home, pay their money and race the car round the track as fast as they want.

My most exhilarating experience at one of these events was when I drove my best friends Used Ferrari 599 on a 5 lap time trial. I had never driven a car as monumentally powerful as the Ferrari and quickly realized after nearly spinning off twice, that I probably wouldn't have made a particularly great Formula One driver.

The point is that just because you can't push your cars to the limit on the roads, there is absolutely no reason you can't attend a track day and see exactly what your car is capable of in a race track environment. You don't need a powerful car like the Used Ferrari I drove, any old banger will do. All you have to do is put your foot down and watch those corners!

Source by Pete Ridgard