Auto Body Kits

If you're wondering what the best way to give your car a customer look is, you should think about a car body kit. You can restyle your car into something more personal and unique. This will make your ride the only one of its kind.

You can pick a body kit that is already complete usually including the front and rear bumpers and side skirts. As many manufacturers have these complete kits for most cars and SUVs'. If you want an even more personal design, you can consider selecting all you components separate and building your own style. You can go beyond your standard body kit parts and add even more including fenders, vertical doors, quarter panels, hoods, and spoilers. The possibilities are endless.

There are body kit designs for lots of different people. You can get race inspired kits to a more conservative body kit with a high class executive design. No matter what you choose there are many brands that carry all types of these designs including.

– Extreme Dimensions – Vis Racing – AIT Racing – Wings West – Buddy Club – Razzi – Mimo USA – Seibon

All of these brands have prices points for anyone. Most fiberglass body kits are on the less expensive side but can be a little more fragile, and don't hold up the elements as well either. Although you can repair fiberglass you may want to consider urethane if you need a more durable body kit or live in harsh weather climates. Urethane body kits are a little pricier, but tend to be more flexible and can hold up to more abuse in harsh weather and temperature changes. Some brands even have created their own blend of materials to create an even more durable body kit such as Extreme Dimensions Duraflex material, and AIT Racing's formulated resin material.

If you plan to install a body kit yourself you need to make sure you are prepared to spend the proper time necessary to install your kit, and that you actually have the skills to do it well. If you don't, then your fitment may not be correct and your kit won't look as good as it should. If you can take it to a professional you probably should. But do your research on body shops to make sure that they are also experienced in installing body kits.

Once you have your Body Kit selected, installed, and painted you will be ready to hit the road in style. Nobody will be able to compare their ride to yours, as you will now be the dominating force on the road in your area.

Source by Steve Breault