The Heart Pounding, Road Ripping Dodge Magnum SRT8

Thanks to the Chrysler Group’s relationship with Mercedes – both companies are owned by DaimlerChrysler – the automaker markets a successful group of full size, rear wheel drive cars powering the Dodge and Chrysler brands. Tapping Mercedes technology in the form of their suspensions, rear differentials, and automatic transmissions three vehicles, including the Dodge Magnum, are now gracing North American highways with their “can’t miss” presence. The Dodge Magnum wagon, as the first vehicle based on the LX platform, has successfully erased most people’s concept of what a “station wagon” should be. With its menacing front end, rakish body lines, and abundant hauling capacity the Magnum is no mere “mom mobile” instead, the car is a true sport wagon. Taking that theme to the extreme is the Magnum SRT8, the ultimate fusion of sport wagon and muscle car.

When it comes to engines, Magnum owners have plenty of choices. From the 2.7L V6 powering the SE, to the 3.5L V6 found underneath the hood of the SXT, to the explosive intensity generated by the 5.7L Hemi V8 that comes with the sporty R/T, Magnum owners have a variety of choices not found in many vehicle’s of its class. Thinking that some Dodge fanatics would want even something more powerful than the R/T, the brand released the SRT8 in 2005 which features a 6.1L Hemi V8 that bangs out an extraordinary 425 horses and 420 lb.-ft of torque. Add on the 20 inch aluminum wheels, firm up the suspension, and equip the model with bigger brakes and you have one untamable Magnum!

Even with its added luster, the Magnum SRT8 isn’t keeping Dodge devotees from pimping their rides to help them achieve the look and feel that they want. Some popular, highly desirable aftermarket parts for the Magnum SRT8 include:

Cool/Cold Air Intake Systems – If you want even more horsepower and improved torque, then an air intake system for your Magnum is in order. Airaid and Dub Air are two brands that have effectively created systems that have been specifically made for your Magnum SRT8. With the Airaid you have a choice of two models; the premium version comes with a Ram air scoop for added good looks. Both Airaid systems bump up horsepower by 14 and torque by 17, while the Dub Air produces near equal power improvements as well. Enjoy the throaty tone of an air intake system with your SRT8!

Performance Exhaust Systems – The Magnum SRT8’s exhaust system is adequate, but a Magnaflow Exhaust maximizes performance with its cat-back design and stainless steel properties. You get a rich exhaust tone, see horsepower and torque increase by 16 and 19 respectively, and you get a lifetime warranty with your Magnaflow exhaust system. Yes, the same stainless steel used by Boeing and Airbus in their jets is the steel that is used by Magnaflow.

Of course, many enthusiasts are installing both the performance intake system and the exhaust system to help them achieve the ultimate driving experience that a Dodge Magnum SRT8 can possibly offer to them.

Yes, there is nothing “station” about the Dodge Magnum, a car with the potential to effectively haul people, haul stuff, and to haul ass!

Source by Matthew Keegan