Looking For Fuel Economy? Try the Toyota Camry and Highlander Hybrids

With the US economy falling flat, hybrid cars are becoming very popular as they are fuel efficient and help save a lot of money on fuel. Toyota, the leading hybrid car manufacturer in the market today, offers a large variety of fuel efficient hybrid cars. If you are planning to buy a hybrid car for your family and looking for fuel economy as well, the Toyota Camry and Highlander Hybrids are the best options for you.

Toyota had introduced its Camry Hybrid in the market as the first car to guarantee comfortable driving and fuel economy simultaneously. This model soon became popular as a safe choice and paved the way for other environmentally-friendly vehicles. In other words, it was a 'greener' alternative to the conventional cars. Today, the latest version of this Hybrid Car features a gasoline-powered engine capable of producing nearly 45 horsepower, an electric motor that guarantees a maximum of 45 horsepower, and a battery pack.

Apart from fuel efficiency, other features that made Camry Sedan and other Toyota Hybrids popular with car lovers include safety issues, such as an increased control over the vehicle, and a seat uniquely designed to prevent whiplash injuries; LED tail lamps and hybrid badges; and alluring exterior and interior of the car. Other additional features, such as the tire pressure monitoring system and the dual climate control, also contribute to the fuel economy process. In order to achieve the long-time desired fuel economy, this latest version of Camry Hybrid is fitted with a specially-designed system for storing energy.

If you have a large family, you can try the new Toyota SUV hybrid vehicle – the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This car model has features a gas-powered engine, three electric motors and a top-of-the-line transmission system. It allows efficient handling and guarantees great fuel efficiency. Owing to its internal combustion engine, it can reach remarkable speeds, and can work solely on electric power as well. Being large and spacious, it is best suited to big families. Together with other Toyota hybrids, the Toyota Camry and Highlander Hybrids offer a green solution for driving and should certainly be opted for.

Source by Eshwarya Patel