Automobile Factory Recommendations, Are They Important?

Who knows best about a creation? None other than the creator! The statement goes un-disputed in every manner. Whether to talk of living beings or non-living beings; inventions or innovations; science or technology; the creator is the one who is aware of every single aspect of the specific creation. The same goes for the automobile industry. There are some big fish – the giant automobile manufacturers, who keep on launching new models every year.

Ensuring safe and a proper product usage is the manufacturers' responsibility. This is one reason why there is always a company publication based on every single brand it launches. Providing the customer with the do's and don'ts of the product is both a legal and an ethical responsibility of the manufacturer.The information and details regarding your vehicle's inspection, repair, maintenance, fluid / part replacement, etc. is a part of factory recommendations which need to be followed for best vehicle performance. Following factory recommendations will help keep the car in good shape.

The makers and engineers of the vehicle determine at what intervals the requirement for vehicle's inspection and / or replacement of components. In case of parts and components, factory specifications play a major roll. At this stage comes the role of specifications, tolerances, and dimensions. Each and every single component part and material which is manufactured by the company has a certain tolerance. Only the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) parts fit well with the vehicle because that is how both have been designed.

Dealers of OEM parts are also dependable because the component parts they carry are all company approved. There is no doubt about the dealers' level of information, but with all due respect, dealers are not all aware of every minor and major aspect of the vehicle. Due to the lack of information and knowledge about the product, they sometimes make the vehicle owner spend huge amounts of money in the name of vehicle inspection and parts / fluid replacement.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending on vehicles' maintenance, but the question is of having it done at the right time and if it is actually needed. No one wants to incur additional expenses if they are unnecessary when repairing a vehicle. It is always recommended to go for factory recommended inspections and fluid / part replacement at factory specific intervals. It will not overburden you and will keep you and your pocket happy! Always consult with a reputable repair shop concerning factory and aftermarket parts.

Source by Mark Maitland-Smith