Test – Chevrolet Captiva

Even if Chevrolet stands drauf, puts under the durable sheet metal dress everything else as a genuine American. The Captiva in with Daewoo in Korea is built, is conceived it for the European market. We tested the multi-cultural SUV.

„Badge tightness Institution of Electrical Engineers ring“ is called the magic word, if it concerns to lower development and production costs of an automobile. For the Chevrolet Captiva means: He is not only the twin brother of the OPEL Antara, no, he also still divides the underbody with Chevrolet Equinox, Saturn Vue and Pontiac Torrent – all three SUVs for the US market.

Obligingly / pleasingly

The high front of the Captiva makes properly which ago, the large radiator grille and air intakes in the front apron symbolizes Kraft. A Unterfahrschutz from silver plastic and the roof railing provide for Offroad feelings, the simple tail against it work rather good and inconspicuously.
The Captiva is offered alternatively with a four or a six cylinder Benziner as well as a four-cylinder diesel engine. While OPEL shifted the market start of the Antara Selbstzünders because of its striking starting weakness on February 2007, Chevrolet already delivers the Dieselmodel.

No weakness

Coupled with a gently switching five-course mechanism however much is not to be felt by the starting weakness of the 150-PS-Aggregats. With 2.000 routes the Captiva gets 320 Newtonmeters from its two liters combustion chamber.

One distributes Kraft fully automatic to all four wheels – under standard conditions 100 per cent of the torque go to the front axle. Only if the system states the fact that emergency does more traction is sent up to 50 per cent to the rear wheels.

Good twelve seconds gönnt itself the Chevy for reaching the 100 km / h mark. The handswitched models create the Sprint in only 10.6 seconds. Starting from speed 140 's in the interior, with 180 km / h becomes clearly louder ends certainly, after some approach, the forward urge. During moderate travel the Captiva is content with approximately nine liters of Diesel, goes one more quickly to the work, may it already times twelve liters be.


During the chassis tuning engineers measured highest priority to the comfort out. The soft suspension irons unevenness well out, also short impacts fits itself with springs the Captiva cleanly for off completely like it for a SUV belonged. Sporty driving is not taken into account against it, but also the long translated steering element is too inaccurate.
While on highways rather the curves stop order (ESP is standard with all models), are it to the Chevrolet on the motorway the Spurrillen and the cross-wind. From both the Captiva can be enticed only too gladly to leaving the given course.

In the hand turning

When desired the Captiva with seven seats is available. If the third row is not needed, the seats disappear concisely in the baggage compartment floor. For setting up both the armchair is sufficient a handle. The Hinterbänkler enjoys comfort only conditionally, but it sits itself in the second row the better.
A reason for the good space offer in the rear are the short seat tracks of the first row. Some large driver would continue to push his armchair surely gladly to the rear. Apart from the fact it can be borne on the comfortably padded seats even on longer distances.


The cockpit of the Captiva is arranged solid, which works green instrument lights however old-bakes. The steering wheel keys at the handy Volant must get along completely without lighting. The operation of radio and ventilation, which are on board computer with compass and other Schnickschnack against it hopelessly overloaded, is simple.
Whose overflow bags before mobile phones, purses and keys, open and closed fan can be pleased about a multiplicity. The actual Gepäckabteil offers liters of volume up to 930 (with turned down back bank). Deficiency: The low-friction rear flap opens not very far. But the disk can be opened unfold separately.

For each taste

Three equipments are for the Diesel Captiva in the offer: LS, LT and LT exclusive one. Always also on board are six Airbags, electrical window lifters, rain sensor, air conditioning system and a CD radio. Also the all-wheel drive is included with the self fuzes in the price. The Toplinie supplemental by 18-Zöller, a MP3-fähiges radio with CD change-over switch, the electrically adjustable driver's seat and leather equipment.
However also 34,890 euro become due for the high-quality LT exclusive equipment. As extras only the mechanism for 1.200 euro remains, a glass sun roof for 850 euro as well as the 490 euro expensive metal IC lacquer finish. The basis Captiva 2,0 LS (only as Fünfsitzer available) stands starting from 29.390 euro in the price lists.


Compared to the brother Antara receive Chevy buyer more car for fewer moneys – the OPEL is available only as Fünfsitzer. Whom do not disturb the soft tuning and the indirect steering element, a solid SUV gets. Its play the trump card plays the Captiva as comfortable travelmobilely out, during medium travel recompences it his driver with moderate consumption.


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Source by Vladimir Melnikoff