There Are Many Safety Features in the Dodge Dakota

The Dodge Dakota is a mid size pickup truck which has been produced by Chrysler and sold under Chrysler's Dodge brand since 1987. Historically, the vehicle sold quite well with well over 100,000 trucks being sold each year during the beginning of the 2000's. However, economic turmoil and an overall preference for more fuel efficient vehicles have hampered the Dakota's sales.

Overall, this vehicle which is an SUV is considered a safe vehicle. The federal government has given the pickup truck five out of five stars for driver and passenger safety in head on collisions as well as five out of five stars for both rear and front passenger safety in regards to side collisions. However, the Dakota only received four out of five stars when it comes to rollover ratings.

This Vehicle comes standard with rear anti lock drum breaks as well as front disc brakes. The amount of air bags within the Dakota provides for extra safety and includes front multistage air bags, which work by assessing the severity of a collision and inflate depending on how severe the accident is determined to be. The Dakota's safety package can also be upgraded to include supplemental side air bags and side curtain air bags.

While the Dakota does come with sufficient air bags, many safety features which are included in other models are either upgrades or not available in the Dakota. For example, front wheel anti lock breaks are only available as an upgrade and vehicle stability control is not available.

Source by Ronnie W Tanner